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Transportation Funding Survey

State legislators are exploring a number of funding options to maintain and expand Virginia's infrastructure and transit systems. In their current state, these systems are inadequate, creating gridlock and safety risks. For businesses, this results in lost productivity, longer delivery times and higher fuel costs.

Please take a moment to participate in a brief survey on the proposed funding options currently being discussed. Your feedback will be shared with policymakers, making the voice of our business community part of the dialogue on this important issue.

1. State legislators are exploring a number of options to generate revenue to maintain and expand Virginia's infrastructure and transit systems. Of the funding options below, which do you favor? Please check all that apply.
Increasing state gas tax
Creating mileage tax (VMT)
Creating regional gas tax (NOVA/Hampton Roads)
Creating regional sales tax (NOVA/Hampton Roads)
Increasing state sales tax
Increasing income tax
Creating new and/or increasing existing tolls
Transfer portion of existing sales tax revenue from general fund to transportation
None of the above
2. Please share any thoughts that you have on the state of transportation in Virginia-- from the urgency to act to alternate funding proposals that may not have been included in the question above. Your feedback as a business leader is an important part of developing feasible solutions to the transportation issue.